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Soul Nuggets From The Apostles
Apostles Lawrence E. & Dr. Sandra Powell
Soul Care Full Gospel Center
Commerce City, Colorado
Part 4 Finale
Please don’t neglect to sow your FIRST FRUITS OFFERING into our ministry during this Season of fervent Prayer and Consecration. We activate the principle of First Fruits as mandated by the Word of God. We will put God first and honor Him with the FIRST of our substance by sowing a First Fruits Offering in this FIRST month of a brand New Year!  God claims the First Fruits of everything!  It rightfully belongs to Him in His divine order: The first part of the day, the first day of the week (Sabbath), the first month of the year, and the first of our harvest—be it the wages for the first day, the first week, or the first month. The FIRST represents the total.  This means whatever the first portion is used for determines what will happen to the rest. When the “FIRST” of anything is consecrated to God, then His presence covers or governs the rest of it.  All FIRST belong to God!          
Through honoring God with our FIRST FRUITS OFFERING, we release the provision He has already established for our spirit, soul (mind, emotions, will), as well as our finances. We activate God’s promise by obeying His command to revere Him with ALL first things. . . Proverbs 3:9-10 NKJV: “Honor the LORD with your possessions, and with the First fruits of all your increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats with overflow . . .”   “Seek first” is a foundation principle that changes our lives.  Keep FIRST THINGS FIRST, and God will take care of the rest.  When we put God FIRST by obeying His principle and following His divinely established pattern, our lives become aligned with His plan and promises for us!
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